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Package Namecondor
SummaryHTCondor: High Throughput Computing
DescriptionHTCondor is a specialized workload management system for compute-intensive jobs. Like other full-featured batch systems, HTCondor provides a job queueing mechanism, scheduling policy, priority scheme, resource monitoring, and resource management. Users submit their serial or parallel jobs to HTCondor, HTCondor places them into a queue, chooses when and where to run the jobs based upon a policy, carefully monitors their progress, and ultimately informs the user upon completion.
Built byTim Theisen A148211
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StartedTue, 18 Jan 2022 21:53:33 CST
CompletedTue, 18 Jan 2022 22:02:11 CST
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Changelog * Thu Jan 13 2022 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 9.5.0-1 - Initial implementation of Container Universe - HTCondor will automatically detect container type and where it can run - The blahp is no longer separate, it is now an integral part of HTCondor - Docker Universe jobs can now self-checkpoint - Added Debian 11 (bullseye) as a supported platform - Since CentOS 8 has reached end of life, we build and test on Rocky Linux 8 * Thu Jan 13 2022 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 9.0.9-1 - Added Debian 11 (bullseye) as a supported platform - Since CentOS 8 has reached end of life, we build and test on Rocky Linux 8 - The OAUTH credmon is now packaged for Enterprise Linux 8 * Tue Dec 21 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 9.4.1-1 - Add the ability to track slot activation metrics - Fix bug where a file transfer plugin failure code may not be reported * Thu Dec 02 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 9.4.0-1 - Initial implementation of Job Sets in the htcondor CLI tool - The access point administrator can add keywords to the submit language - Add submit commands that limit job run time - Fix bug where self check-pointing jobs may be erroneously held * Thu Dec 02 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 9.0.8-1 - Fix bug where huge values of ImageSize and others would end up negative - Fix bug in how MAX_JOBS_PER_OWNER applied to late materialization jobs - Fix bug where the schedd could choose a slot with insufficient disk space - Fix crash in ClassAd substr() function when the offset is out of range - Fix bug in Kerberos code that can crash on macOS and could leak memory - Fix bug where a job is ignored for 20 minutes if the startd claim fails * Tue Nov 30 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 9.3.2-1 - Add allowed_execute_duration condor_submit command to cap job run time - Fix bug where self check-pointing jobs may be erroneously held * Tue Nov 09 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 9.3.1-1 - Add allowed_job_duration condor_submit command to cap job run time * Wed Nov 03 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 9.3.0-1 - Discontinue support for Globus GSI - Discontinue support for grid type 'nordugrid', use 'arc' instead - MacOS version strings now include the major version number (10 or 11) - File transfer plugin sample code to aid in developing new plugins - Add generic knob to set the slot user for all slots * Tue Nov 02 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 9.0.7-1 - Fix bug where condor_gpu_discovery could crash with older CUDA libraries - Fix bug where condor_watch_q would fail on machines with older kernels - condor_watch_q no longer has a limit on the number of job event log files - Fix bug where a startd could crash claiming a slot with p-slot preemption - Fix bug where a job start would not be recorded when a shadow reconnects * Thu Sep 23 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 9.2.0-1 - Add SERVICE node that runs alongside the DAG for the duration of the DAG - Fix problem where proxy delegation to older HTCondor versions failed - Jobs are now re-run if the execute directory unexpectedly disappears - HTCondor counts the number of files transfered at the submit node - Fix a bug that caused jobs to fail when using newer Singularity versions * Thu Sep 23 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 9.0.6-1 - CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES can now contain GPU-<uuid> formatted values - Fixed a bug that caused jobs to fail when using newer Singularity versions - Fixed a bug in the Windows MSI installer for the latest Windows 10 version - Fixed bugs relating to the transfer of standard out and error logs - MacOS 11.x now reports as 10.16.x (which is better than reporting x.0) * Thu Aug 19 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 9.1.3-1 - Globus GSI is no longer needed for X.509 proxy delegation - Globus GSI authentication is disabled by default - The job ad now contains a history of job holds and hold reasons - If a user job policy expression evaluates to undefined, it is ignored * Wed Aug 18 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 9.0.5-1 - Other authentication methods are tried if mapping fails using SciTokens - Fix rare crashes from successful condor_submit, which caused DAGMan issues - Fix bug where ExitCode attribute would be suppressed when OnExitHold fired - condor_who now suppresses spurious warnings coming from netstat - The online manual now has detailed instructions for installing on MacOS - Fix bug where misconfigured MIG devices confused condor_gpu_discovery - The transfer_checkpoint_file list may now include input files * Thu Jul 29 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 9.1.2-1 - Fixes for security issues - https://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/security/vulnerabilities/HTCONDOR-2021-0003.html - https://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/security/vulnerabilities/HTCONDOR-2021-0004.html * Thu Jul 29 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 9.0.4-1 - Fixes for security issues - https://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/security/vulnerabilities/HTCONDOR-2021-0003/ - https://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/security/vulnerabilities/HTCONDOR-2021-0004/ * Thu Jul 29 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.8.15-1 - Fix for security issue - https://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/security/vulnerabilities/HTCONDOR-2021-0003/ * Tue Jul 27 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 9.1.1-1 - Fixes for security issues - https://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/security/vulnerabilities/HTCONDOR-2021-0003.html - https://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/security/vulnerabilities/HTCONDOR-2021-0004.html * Tue Jul 27 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 9.0.3-1 - Fixes for security issues - https://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/security/vulnerabilities/HTCONDOR-2021-0003/ - https://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/security/vulnerabilities/HTCONDOR-2021-0004/ * Tue Jul 27 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.8.14-1 - Fix for security issue - https://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/security/vulnerabilities/HTCONDOR-2021-0003/ * Thu Jul 08 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 9.0.2-1 - HTCondor can be set up to use only FIPS 140-2 approved security functions - If the Singularity test fails, the job goes idle rather than getting held - Can divide GPU memory, when making multiple GPU entries for a single GPU - Startd and Schedd cron job maximum line length increased to 64k bytes - Added first class submit keywords for SciTokens - Fixed MUNGE authentication - Fixed Windows installer to work when the install location isn't C:\Condor * Thu May 20 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 9.1.0-1 - Support for submitting to ARC-CE via the REST interface - DAGMan can put failed jobs on hold (user can correct problems and release) - Can run gdb and ptrace within Docker containers - A small Docker test job is run on the execute node to verify functionality - The number of instructions executed is reported in the job Ad on Linux * Mon May 17 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 9.0.1-1 - Fix problem where X.509 proxy refresh kills job when using AES encryption - Fix problem when jobs require a different machine after a failure - Fix problem where a job matched a machine it can't use, delaying job start - Fix exit code and retry checking when a job exits because of a signal - Fix a memory leak in the job router when a job is removed via job policy - Fixed the back-end support for the 'bosco_cluster --add' command - An updated Windows installer that supports IDTOKEN authentication * Wed Apr 14 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 9.0.0-1 - Absent any configuration, HTCondor denies authorization to all users - AES encryption is used for all communication and file transfers by default - New IDTOKEN authentication method enables fine-grained authorization - IDTOKEN authentication method is designed to replace GSI - Improved support for GPUs, including machines with multiple GPUs - New condor_watch_q tool that efficiently provides live job status updates - Many improvements to the Python bindings - New Python bindings for DAGMan and chirp - Improved file transfer plugins supporting uploads and authentication - File transfer times are now recorded in the job log - Added support for jobs that need to acquire and use OAUTH tokens - Many memory footprint and performance improvements in DAGMan - Submitter ceilings can limit the number of jobs per user in a pool * Tue Mar 30 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.9.13-1 - Host based security is no longer the default security model - Hardware accelerated integrity and AES encryption used by default - Normally, AES encryption is used for all communication and file transfers - Fallback to Triple-DES or Blowfish when interoperating with older versions - Simplified and automated new HTCondor installations - HTCondor now detects instances of multi-instance GPUs - Fixed memory leaks (collector updates in 8.9 could leak a few MB per day) - Many other enhancements and bug fixes, see version history for details * Thu Mar 25 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.9.12-1 - Withdrawn due to compatibility issues with prior releases * Tue Mar 23 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.8.13-1 - condor_ssh_to_job now maps CR and NL to work with editors like nano - Improved the performance of data transfer in condor_ssh_to_job - HA replication now accepts SHA-2 checksums to prepare for MD5 removal - Submission to NorduGrid ARC CE works with newer ARC CE versions - Fixed condor_annex crashes on platforms with newer compilers - Fixed "use feature: GPUsMonitor" to locate the monitor binary on Windows - Fixed a bug that prevented using the '@' character in an event log path * Wed Jan 27 2021 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.9.11-1 - This release of HTCondor fixes security-related bugs described at - https://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/security/vulnerabilities/HTCONDOR-2021-0001/ - https://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/security/vulnerabilities/HTCONDOR-2021-0002/ * Tue Nov 24 2020 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.9.10-1 - Fix bug where negotiator stopped making matches when group quotas are used - Support OAuth, SciTokens, and Kerberos credentials in local universe jobs - The Python schedd.submit method now takes a Submit object - DAGMan can now optionally run a script when a job goes on hold - DAGMan now provides a method for inline jobs to share submit descriptions - Can now add arbitrary tags to condor annex instances - Runs the "singularity test" before running the a singularity job * Mon Nov 23 2020 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.8.12-1 - Added a family of version comparison functions to ClassAds - Increased default Globus proxy key length to meet current NIST guidance * Mon Oct 26 2020 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.9.9-1 - The RPM packages requires globus, munge, scitokens, and voms from EPEL - Improved cgroup memory policy settings that set both hard and soft limit - Cgroup memory usage reporting no longer includes the kernel buffer cache - Numerous Python binding improvements, see version history - Can create a manifest of files on the execute node at job start and finish - Added provisioner nodes to DAGMan, allowing users to provision resources - DAGMan can now produce .dot graphs without running the workflow * Wed Oct 21 2020 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.8.11-1 - HTCondor now properly tracks usage over vanilla universe checkpoints - New ClassAd equality and inequality operators in the Python bindings - Fixed a bug where removing in-use routes could crash the job router - Fixed a bug where condor_chirp would abort after success on Windows - Fixed a bug where using MACHINE_RESOURCE_NAMES could crash the startd - Improved condor c-gahp to prioritize commands over file transfers - Fixed a rare crash in the schedd when running many local universe jobs - With GSI, avoid unnecessary reverse DNS lookup when HOST_ALIAS is set - Fix a bug that could cause grid universe jobs to fail upon proxy refresh * Thu Aug 06 2020 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.9.8-1 - Added htcondor.dags and htcondor.htchirp to the HTCondor Python bindings - New condor_watch_q tool that efficiently provides live job status updates - Added support for marking a GPU offline while other jobs continue - The condor_master command does not return until it is fully started - Deprecated several Python interfaces in the Python bindings * Thu Aug 06 2020 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.8.10-1 - condor_qedit can no longer be used to disrupt the condor_schedd - Fixed a bug where the SHARED_PORT_PORT configuration setting was ignored - Ubuntu 20.04 and Amazon Linux 2 are now supported - In MacOSX, HTCondor now requires LibreSSL, available since MacOSX 10.13 * Wed May 20 2020 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.9.7-1 - Multiple enhancements in the file transfer code - Support for more regions in s3:// URLs - Much more flexible job router language - Jobs may now specify cuda_version to match equally-capable GPUs - TOKENS are now called IDTOKENS to differentiate from SCITOKENS - Added the ability to blacklist TOKENS via an expression - Can simultaneously handle Kerberos and OAUTH credentials - The getenv submit command now supports a blacklist and whitelist - The startd supports a remote history query similar to the schedd - condor_q -submitters now works with accounting groups - Fixed a bug reading service account credentials for Google Compute Engine * Thu May 07 2020 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.8.9-1 - Proper tracking of maximum memory used by Docker universe jobs - Fixed preempting a GPU slot for a GPU job when all GPUs are in use - Fixed a Python crash when queue_item_data iterator raises an exception - Fixed a bug where slot attribute overrides were ignored - Calculates accounting group quota correctly when more than 1 CPU requested - Updated HTCondor Annex to accommodate API change for AWS Spot Fleet - Fixed a problem where HTCondor would not start on AWS Fargate - Fixed where the collector could wait forever for a partial message - Fixed streaming output to large files (>2Gb) when using the 32-bit shadow * Mon Apr 06 2020 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.9.6-1 - Fixes addressing CVE-2019-18823 - https://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/security/vulnerabilities/HTCONDOR-2020-0001/ - https://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/security/vulnerabilities/HTCONDOR-2020-0002/ - https://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/security/vulnerabilities/HTCONDOR-2020-0003/ - https://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/security/vulnerabilities/HTCONDOR-2020-0004/ * Mon Apr 06 2020 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.8.8-1 - Fixes addressing CVE-2019-18823 - https://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/security/vulnerabilities/HTCONDOR-2020-0001/ - https://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/security/vulnerabilities/HTCONDOR-2020-0002/ - https://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/security/vulnerabilities/HTCONDOR-2020-0003/ - https://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/security/vulnerabilities/HTCONDOR-2020-0004/ * Thu Jan 02 2020 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.9.5-1 - Added a new mode that skips jobs whose outputs are newer than their inputs - Added command line tool to help debug ClassAd expressions - Added port forwarding to Docker containers - You may now change some DAGMan throttles while the DAG is running - Added support for session tokens for pre-signed S3 URLs - Improved the speed of the negotiator when custom resources are defined - Fixed interactive submission of Docker jobs - Fixed a bug where jobs wouldn't be killed when getting an OOM notification * Thu Dec 26 2019 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.8.7-1 - Updated condor_annex to work with upcoming AWS Lambda function changes - Added the ability to specify the order that job routes are applied - Fixed a bug that could cause remote condor submits to fail - Fixed condor_wait to work when the job event log is on AFS - Fixed RPM packaging to be able to install condor-all on CentOS 8 - Period ('.') is allowed again in DAGMan node names * Tue Nov 19 2019 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.9.4-1 - Amazon S3 file transfers using pre-signed URLs - Further reductions in DAGMan memory usage - Added -idle option to condor_q to display information about idle jobs - Support for SciTokens authentication - A tool, condor_evicted_files, to examine the SPOOL of an idle job * Wed Nov 13 2019 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.8.6-1 - Initial support for CentOS 8 - Fixed a memory leak in SSL authentication - Fixed a bug where "condor_submit -spool" would only submit the first job - Reduced encrypted file transfer CPU usage by a factor of six - "condor_config_val -summary" displays changes from a default configuration - Improved the ClassAd documentation, added many functions that were omitted * Tue Sep 17 2019 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.9.3-1 - TOKEN and SSL authentication methods are now enabled by default - The job and global event logs use ISO 8601 formatted dates by default - Added Google Drive multifile transfer plugin - Added upload capability to Box multifile transfer plugin - Added Python bindings to submit a DAG - Python 'JobEventLog' can be pickled to facilitate intermittent readers - 2x matchmaking speed for partitionable slots with simple START expressions - Improved the performance of the condor_schedd under heavy load - Reduced the memory footprint of condor_dagman - Initial implementation to record the circumstances of a job's termination * Thu Sep 05 2019 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.8.5-1 - Fixed two performance problems on Windows - Fixed Java universe on Debian and Ubuntu systems - Added two knobs to improve performance on large scale pools - Fixed a bug where requesting zero GPUs would require a machine with GPUs - HTCondor can now recognize nVidia Volta and Turing GPUs * Tue Jul 09 2019 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.8.4-1 - Python 3 bindings - see version history for details (requires EPEL on EL7) - Can configure DAGMan to dramatically reduce memory usage on some DAGs - Improved scalability when using the python bindings to qedit jobs - Fixed infrequent schedd crashes when removing scheduler universe jobs - The condor_master creates run and lock directories when systemd doesn't - The condor daemon obituary email now contains the last 200 lines of log * Tue Jun 04 2019 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.9.2-1 - The HTTP/HTTPS file transfer plugin will timeout and retry transfers - A new multi-file box.com file transfer plugin to download files - The manual has been moved to Read the Docs - Configuration options for job-log time-stamps (UTC, ISO 8601, sub-second) - Several improvements to SSL authentication - New TOKEN authentication method enables fine-grained authorization control * Wed May 22 2019 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.8.3-1 - Fixed a bug where jobs were killed instead of peacefully shutting down - Fixed a bug where a restarted schedd wouldn't connect to its running jobs - Improved file transfer performance when sending multiple files - Fix a bug that prevented interactive submit from working with Singularity - Orphaned Docker containers are now cleaned up on execute nodes - Restored a deprecated Python interface that is used to read the event log * Wed Apr 17 2019 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.9.1-1 - An efficient curl plugin that supports uploads and authentication tokens - HTCondor automatically supports GPU jobs in Docker and Singularity - File transfer times are now recorded in the user job log and the job ad * Thu Apr 11 2019 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.8.2-1 - Fixed problems with condor_ssh_to_job and Singularity jobs - Fixed a problem that could cause condor_annex to crash - Fixed a problem where the job queue would very rarely be corrupted - condor_userprio can report concurrency limits again - Fixed the GPU discovery and monitoring code to map GPUs in the same way - Made the CHIRP_DELAYED_UPDATE_PREFIX configuration knob work again - Fixed restarting HTCondor from the Service Control Manager on Windows - Fixed a problem where local universe jobs could not use condor_submit - Restored a deprecated Python interface that is used to read the event log - Fixed a problem where condor_shadow reuse could confuse DAGMan * Thu Feb 28 2019 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.9.0-1 - Absent any configuration, HTCondor denies authorization to all users - All HTCondor daemons under a condor_master share a security session - Scheduler Universe jobs are prioritized by job priority * Tue Feb 19 2019 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.8.1-1 - Fixed excessive CPU consumption with GPU monitoring - GPU monitoring is off by default; enable with "use feature: GPUsMonitor" - HTCondor now works with the new CUDA version 10 libraries - Fixed a bug where sometimes jobs would not start on a Windows execute node - Fixed a bug that could cause DAGman to go into an infinite loop on exit - The JobRouter doesn't forward the USER attribute between two UID Domains - Made Collector.locateAll() more efficient in the Python bindings - Improved efficiency of the negotiation code in the condor_schedd * Thu Jan 03 2019 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.8.0-1 - Automatically add AWS resources to your pool using HTCondor Annex - The Python bindings now include submit functionality - Added the ability to run a job immediately by replacing a running job - A new minicondor package makes single node installations easy - HTCondor now tracks and reports GPU utilization - Several performance enhancements in the collector - The grid universe can create and manage VM instances in Microsoft Azure - The MUNGE security method is now supported on all Linux platforms * Wed Oct 31 2018 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.7.10-1 - Can now interactively submit Docker jobs - The administrator can now add arguments to the Singularity command line - The MUNGE security method is now supported on all Linux platforms - The grid universe can create and manage VM instances in Microsoft Azure - Added a single-node package to facilitate using a personal HTCondor * Wed Oct 31 2018 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.6.13-1 - Made the Python 'in' operator case-insensitive for ClassAd attributes - Python bindings are now built for the Debian and Ubuntu platforms - Fixed a memory leak in the Python bindings - Fixed a bug where absolute paths failed for output/error files on Windows - Fixed a bug using Condor-C to run Condor-C jobs - Fixed a bug where Singularity could not be used if Docker was not present * Wed Aug 01 2018 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.7.9-1 - Support for Debian 9, Ubuntu 16, and Ubuntu 18 - Improved Python bindings to support the full range of submit functionality - Allows VMs to shutdown when the job is being gracefully evicted - Can now specify a host name alias (CNAME) for NETWORK_HOSTNAME - Added the ability to run a job immediately by replacing a running job * Wed Aug 01 2018 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.6.12-1 - Support for Debian 9, Ubuntu 16, and Ubuntu 18 - Fixed a memory leak that occurred when SSL authentication fails - Fixed a bug where invalid transform REQUIREMENTS caused a Job to match - Fixed a bug to allow a queue super user to edit protected attributes - Fixed a problem setting the job environment in the Singularity container - Fixed several other minor problems * Tue May 22 2018 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.7.8-2 - Reinstate man pages - Drop centos from dist tag in 32-bit Enterprise Linux 7 RPMs * Thu May 10 2018 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.7.8-1 - The condor annex can easily use multiple regions simultaneously - HTCondor now uses CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES to tell which GPU devices to manage - HTCondor now reports GPU memory utilization * Thu May 10 2018 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.6.11-1 - Can now do an interactive submit of a Singularity job - Shared port daemon is more resilient when starved for TCP ports - The Windows installer configures the environment for the Python bindings - Fixed several other minor problems * Tue Mar 13 2018 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.7.7-1 - condor_ssh_to_job now works with Docker Universe jobs - A 32-bit condor_shadow is available for Enterprise Linux 7 systems - Tracks and reports custom resources, e.g. GPUs, in the job ad and user log - condor_q -unmatchable reports jobs that will not match any slots - Several updates to the parallel universe - Spaces are now allowed in input, output, and error paths in submit files - In DAG files, spaces are now allowed in submit file paths * Tue Mar 13 2018 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.6.10-1 - Fixed a problem where condor_preen would crash on an active submit node - Improved systemd configuration to clean up processes if the master crashes - Fixed several other minor problems * Thu Jan 04 2018 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.7.6-1 - Machines won't enter "Owner" state unless using the Desktop policy - One can use SCHEDD and JOB instead of MY and TARGET in SUBMIT_REQUIREMENTS - HTCondor now reports all submit warnings, not just the first one - The HTCondor Python bindings in pip are now built from the release branch * Thu Jan 04 2018 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.6.9-1 - Fixed a bug where some Accounting Groups could get too much surplus quota - Fixed a Python binding bug where some queries could corrupt memory - Fixed a problem where preen could block the schedd for a long time - Fixed a bug in Windows where the job sandbox would not be cleaned up - Fixed problems with the interaction between the master and systemd - Fixed a bug where MAX_JOBS_SUBMITTED could be permanently reduced - Fixed problems with very large disk requests * Tue Nov 14 2017 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.7.5-1 - Fixed an issue validating VOMS proxies * Tue Nov 14 2017 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.6.8-1 - Fixed an issue validating VOMS proxies * Tue Oct 31 2017 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.7.4-1 - Improvements to DAGMan including support for late job materialization - Updates to condor_annex including improved status reporting - When submitting jobs, HTCondor can now warn about job requirements - Fixed a bug where remote CPU time was not recorded in the history - Improved support for OpenMPI jobs - The high availability daemon now works with IPV6 and shared_port - The HTCondor Python bindings are now available for Python 2 and 3 in pip * Tue Oct 31 2017 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.6.7-1 - Fixed a bug where memory limits might not be updated in cgroups - Add SELinux type enforcement rules to allow condor_ssh_to_job to work - Updated systemd configuration to shutdown HTCondor in an orderly fashion - The curl_plugin utility can now do HTTPS transfers - Specifying environment variables now works with the Python Submit class * Tue Sep 12 2017 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.7.3-1 - Further updates to the late job materialization technology preview - An improved condor_top tool - Enhanced the AUTO setting for ENABLE_IPV{4,6} to be more selective - Fixed several small memory leaks * Tue Sep 12 2017 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.6.6-1 - HTCondor daemons no longer crash on reconfig if syslog is used for logging - HTCondor daemons now reliably leave a core file when killed by a signal - Negotiator won't match jobs to machines with incompatible IPv{4,6} network - On Ubuntu, send systemd alive messages to prevent HTCondor restarts - Fixed a problem parsing old ClassAd string escapes in the python bindings - Properly parse CPU time used from Slurm grid universe jobs - Claims are released when parallel univ jobs are removed while claiming - Starter won't get stuck when a job is removed with JOB_EXIT_HOOK defined - To reduce audit logging, added cgroup rules to SELinux profile * Mon Aug 07 2017 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.6.5-2 - Update SELinux profile for Red Hat 7.4 * Tue Aug 01 2017 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.6.5-1 - Fixed a memory leak that would cause the HTCondor collector to slowly grow - Prevent the condor_starter from hanging when using cgroups on Debian - Fixed several issues that occur when IPv6 is in use - Support for using an ImDisk RAM drive on Windows as the execute directory - Fixed a bug where condor_rm rarely removed another one of the user's jobs - Fixed a bug with parallel universe jobs starting on partitionable slots * Thu Jul 13 2017 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.4.12-1 - Can configure the condor_startd to compute free disk space once * Thu Jun 22 2017 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.7.2-1 - Improved condor_schedd performance by turning off file checks by default - condor_annex -status finds VM instances that have not joined the pool - Able to update an annex's lease without adding new instances - condor_annex now keeps a command log - condor_q produces an expanded multi-line summary - Automatically retry and/or resume http file transfers when appropriate - Reduced load on the condor_collector by optimizing queries - A python based condor_top tool * Thu Jun 22 2017 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.6.4-1 - Python bindings are now available on MacOSX - Fixed a bug where PASSWORD authentication could fail to exchange keys - Pslot preemption now properly handles custom resources, such as GPUs - condor_submit now checks X.509 proxy expiration * Tue May 09 2017 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.6.3-1 - Fixed a bug where using an X.509 proxy might corrupt the job queue log - Fixed a memory leak in the Python bindings * Mon Apr 24 2017 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.7.1-1 - Several performance enhancements in the collector - Further refinement and initial documentation of the HTCondor Annex - Enable chirp for Docker jobs - Job Router uses first match rather than round-robin matching - The schedd tracks jobs counts by status for each owner - Technology preview of late job materialization in the schedd * Mon Apr 24 2017 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.6.2-1 - New metaknobs for mapping users to groups - Now case-insensitive with Windows user names when storing credentials - Signal handling in the OpenMPI script - Report RemoteSysCpu for Docker jobs - Allow SUBMIT_REQUIREMENT to refer to X509 secure attributes - Linux kernel tuning script takes into account the machine's role * Thu Mar 02 2017 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.7.0-1 - Performance improvements in collector's ingestion of ClassAds - Added collector attributes to report query times and forks - Removed extra white space around parentheses when unparsing ClassAds - Technology preview of the HTCondor Annex * Thu Mar 02 2017 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.6.1-1 - condor_q works in situations where user authentication is not configured - Updates to work with Docker version 1.13 - Fix several problems with the Job Router - Update scripts to support current versions of Open MPI and MPICH2 - Fixed a bug that could corrupt the job queue log when the disk is full * Thu Jan 26 2017 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.6.0-1 - condor_q shows shows only the current user's jobs by default - condor_q summarizes related jobs (batches) on a single line by default - Users can define their own job batch name at job submission time - Immutable/protected job attributes make SUBMIT_REQUIREMENTS more useful - The shared port daemon is enabled by default - Jobs run in cgroups by default - HTCondor can now use IPv6 addresses (Prefers IPv4 when both present) - DAGMan: Able to easily define SCRIPT, VARs, etc., for all nodes in a DAG - DAGMan: Revamped priority implementation - DAGMan: New splice connection feature - New slurm grid type in the grid universe for submitting to Slurm - Numerous improvements to Docker support - Several enhancements in the python bindings * Mon Jan 23 2017 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.4.11-1 - Fixed a bug which delayed startd access to stard cron job results - Fixed a bug in pslot preemption that could delay jobs starting - Fixed a bug in job cleanup at job lease expiration if using glexec - Fixed a bug in locating ganglia shared libraries on Debian and Ubuntu * Tue Dec 13 2016 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.5.8-1 - The starter puts all jobs in a cgroup by default - Added condor_submit commands that support job retries - condor_qedit defaults to the current user's jobs - Ability to add SCRIPTS, VARS, etc. to all nodes in a DAG using one command - Able to conditionally add Docker volumes for certain jobs - Initial support for Singularity containers - A 64-bit Windows release * Tue Dec 13 2016 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.4.10-1 - Updated SELinux profile for Enterprise Linux - Fixed a performance problem in the schedd when RequestCpus was an expression - Preserve permissions when transferring sub-directories of the job's sandbox - Fixed HOLD_IF_CPUS_EXCEEDED and LIMIT_JOB_RUNTIMES metaknobs - Fixed a bug in handling REMOVE_SIGNIFICANT_ATTRIBUTES * Thu Sep 29 2016 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.5.7-1 - The schedd can perform job ClassAd transformations - Specifying dependencies between DAGMan splices is much more flexible - The second argument of the ClassAd ? : operator may be omitted - Many usability improvements in condor_q and condor_status - condor_q and condor_status can produce JSON, XML, and new ClassAd output - To prepare for a 64-bit Windows release, HTCondor identifies itself as X86 - Automatically detect Daemon Core daemons and pass localname to them * Thu Sep 29 2016 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.4.9-1 - The condor_startd removes orphaned Docker containers on restart - Job Router and HTCondor-C job job submission prompts schedd reschedule - Fixed bugs in the Job Router's hooks - Improved systemd integration on Enterprise Linux 7 - Upped default number of Chirp attributes to 100, and made it configurable - Fixed a bug where variables starting with STARTD. or STARTER. were ignored * Tue Aug 02 2016 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.5.6-1 - The -batch output for condor_q is now the default - Python bindings for job submission and machine draining - Numerous Docker usability changes - New options to limit condor_history results to jobs since last invocation - Shared port daemon can be used with high availability and replication - ClassAds can be written out in JSON format - More flexible ordering of DAGMan commands - Efficient PBS and SLURM job monitoring - Simplified leases for grid universe jobs * Tue Jul 05 2016 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.4.8-1 - Fixed a memory leak triggered by the python htcondor.Schedd().query() call - Fixed a bug that could cause Bosco file transfers to fail - Fixed a bug that could cause the schedd to crash when using schedd cron jobs - condor_schedd now rejects jobs when owner has no account on the machine - Fixed a new bug in 8.4.7 where remote condor_history failed without -limit - Fixed bugs triggered by the reconfiguration of the high-availability daemon - Fixed a bug where condor_master could hang when using shared port on Windows - Fixed a bug with the -xml option on condor_q and condor_status * Mon Jun 06 2016 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.5.5-1 - Improvements for scalability of EC2 grid universe jobs - Docker Universe jobs advertises remote user and system CPU time - Improved systemd support - The master can now run an administrator defined script at shutdown - DAGMan includes better support for the batch name feature * Mon Jun 06 2016 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.4.7-1 - fixed a bug that could cause the schedd to become unresponsive - fixed a bug where the Docker Universe would not set the group ID - Docker Universe jobs now drop all Linux capabilities by default - fixed a bug where subsystem specific configuration parameters were ignored - fixed bugs with history file processing on the Windows platform * Mon May 02 2016 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.5.4-1 - Fixed a bug that delays schedd response when significant attributes change - Fixed a bug where the group ID was not set in Docker universe jobs - Limit update rate of various attributes to not overload the collector - To make job router configuration easier, added implicit "target" scoping - To make BOSCO work, the blahp does not generate limited proxies by default - condor_status can now display utilization per machine rather than per slot - Improve performance of condor_history and other tools * Thu Apr 21 2016 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.4.6-1 - fixed a bug that could cause a job to fail to start in a dynamic slot - fixed a negotiator memory leak when using partitionable slot preemption - fixed a bug that caused supplemental groups to be wrong during file transfer - properly identify the Windows 10 platform - fixed a typographic error in the LIMIT_JOB_RUNTIMES policy - fixed a bug where maximum length IPv6 addresses were not parsed * Thu Mar 24 2016 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.5.3-1 - Use IPv6 (and IPv4) interfaces if they are detected - Prefer IPv4 addresses when both are available - Count Idle and Running jobs in Submitter Ads for Local and Scheduler universes - Can submit jobs to SLURM with the new "slurm" type in the Grid universe - HTCondor is built and linked with Globus 6.0 * Tue Mar 22 2016 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.4.5-1 - fixed a bug that would cause the condor_schedd to send no flocked jobs - fixed a bug that caused a 60 second delay using tools when DNS lookup failed - prevent using accounting groups with embedded spaces that crash the negotiator - fixed a bug that could cause use of ports outside the port range on Windows - fixed a bug that could prevent dynamic slot reuse when using many slots - fixed a bug that prevented correct utilization reports from the job router - tune kernel when using cgroups to avoid OOM killing of jobs doing heavy I/O * Thu Feb 18 2016 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.5.2-1 - condor_q now defaults to showing only the current user's jobs - condor_q -batch produces a single line report for a batch of jobs - Docker Universe jobs now report and update memory and network usage - immutable and protected job attributes - improved performance when querying a HTCondor daemon's location - Added the ability to set ClassAd attributes within the DAG file - DAGMan now provides event timestamps in dagman.out * Tue Feb 02 2016 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.4.4-1 - fixed a bug that could cause the collector to crash when DNS lookup fails - fixed a bug that caused Condor-C jobs with short lease durations to fail - fixed bugs that affected EC2 grid universe jobs - fixed a bug that prevented startup if a prior version shared port file exists - fixed a bug that could cause the condor_shadow to hang on Windows * Fri Jan 08 2016 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.5.1-2 - optimized binaries * Fri Jan 08 2016 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.4.3-2 - optimized binaries * Mon Dec 21 2015 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.5.1-1 - the shared port daemon is enabled by default - the condor_startd now records the peak memory usage instead of recent - the condor_startd advertises CPU submodel and cache size - authorizations are automatically setup when "Match Password" is enabled - added a schedd-constraint option to condor_q * Wed Dec 16 2015 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.4.3-1 - fixed the processing of the -append option in the condor_submit command - fixed a bug to run more that 100 dynamic slots on a single execute node - fixed bugs that would delay daemon startup when using shared port on Windows - fixed a bug where the cgroup VM limit would not be set for sizes over 2 GiB - fixed a bug to use the ec2_iam_profile_name for Amazon EC2 Spot instances * Tue Nov 17 2015 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.4.2-1 - a bug fix to prevent the condor_schedd from crashing - a bug fix to honor TCP_FORWARDING_HOST - Standard Universe works properly in RPM installations of HTCondor - the RPM packages no longer claim to provide Globus libraries - bug fixes to DAGMan's "maximum idle jobs" throttle * Tue Oct 27 2015 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.4.1-1 - four new policy metaknobs to make configuration easier - a bug fix to prevent condor daemons from crashing on reconfiguration - an option natural sorting option on condor_status - support of admin to mount certain directories into Docker containers * Thu Oct 22 2015 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.2.10-1 - an updated RPM to work with SELinux on EL7 platforms - fixes to the condor_kbdd authentication to the X server - a fix to allow the condor_kbdd to work with shared port enabled - avoid crashes when using more than 1024 file descriptors on EL7 - fixed a memory leak in the ClassAd split() function - condor_vacate will error out rather than ignore conflicting arguments - a bug fix to the JobRouter to properly process the queue on restart - a bug fix to prevent sending spurious data on a SOAP file transfer - a bug fix to always present jobs in order in condor_history * Mon Oct 12 2015 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.5.0-1 - multiple enhancements to the python bindings - the condor_schedd no longer changes the ownership of spooled job files - spooled job files are visible to only the user account by default - the condor_startd records when jobs are evicted by preemption or draining * Mon Sep 14 2015 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.4.0-1 - a Docker Universe to run a Docker container as an HTCondor job - the submit file can queue a job for each file found - the submit file can contain macros - a dry-run option to condor_submit to test the submit file without any actions - HTCondor pools can use IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously - execute directories can be encrypted upon user or administrator request - Vanilla Universe jobs can utilize periodic application-level checkpoints - the administrator can establish job requirements - numerous scalability changes * Thu Aug 27 2015 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.3.8-1 - a script to tune Linux kernel parameters for better scalability - support for python bindings on Windows platforms - a mechanism to remove Docker images from the local machine * Thu Aug 13 2015 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.2.9-1 - a mechanism for the preemption of dynamic slots, such that the partitionable slot may use the dynamic slot in the match of a different job - default configuration bug fixes for the desktop policy, such that it can both start jobs and monitor the keyboard * Mon Jul 27 2015 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.3.7-1 - default configuration settings have been updated to reflect current usage - the ability to preempt dynamic slots, such that a job may match with a partitionable slot - the ability to limit the number of jobs per submission and the number of jobs per owner by setting configuration variables * Tue Jun 23 2015 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.3.6-1 - initial Docker universe support - IPv4/IPv6 mixed mode support * Mon Apr 20 2015 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.3.5-1 - new features that increase the power of job specification in the submit description file - RPMs for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and 7 are modularized and only distributed via our YUM repository - The new condor-all RPM requires the other HTCondor RPMs of a typical HTCondor installation * Tue Apr 07 2015 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.2.8-1 - a bug fix to reconnect a TCP session when an HTCondorView collector restarts - a bug fix to avoid starting too many jobs, only to kill some chosen at random * Thu Mar 05 2015 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.3.4-1 - a bug fix for a problem that can cause jobs to not be matched to resources when the condor_schedd is flocking * Thu Feb 19 2015 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.3.3-1 - the ability to encrypt a job's directory on Linux execute hosts - enhancements to EC2 grid universe jobs - a more efficient query protocol, including the ability to query the condor_schedd daemon's autocluster set * Tue Feb 10 2015 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.2.7-1 - sendmail is used by default for sending notifications (CVE-2014-8126) - corrected input validation, which prevents daemon crashes - an update, such that grid jobs work within the current Google Compute Engine - a bug fix to prevent an infinite loop in the python bindings - a bug fix to prevent infinite recursion when evaluating ClassAd attributes * Tue Dec 23 2014 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.3.2-1 - the next installment of IPv4/IPv6 mixed mode support: a submit node can simultaneously interact with an IPv4 and an IPv6 HTCondor pool - scalability improvements: a reduced memory foot-print of daemons, a reduced number of TCP connections between submit and execute machines, and an improved responsiveness from a busy condor_schedd to queries * Tue Dec 16 2014 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.2.6-1 - a bug fix to the log rotation of the condor_schedd on Linux platforms - transfer_input_files now works for directories on Windows platforms - a correction of the flags passed to the mail program on Linux platforms - a RHEL 7 platform fix of a directory permission that prevented daemons from starting * Mon Dec 01 2014 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.2.5-1 - an updated RPM installation script that preserves a modified condor_config.local file - OpenSSL version 1.0.1j for Windows platforms * Wed Nov 12 2014 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.2.4-1 - a bug fix for an 8.2.3 condor_schedd that could not obtain a claim from an 8.0.x condor_startd - a bug fix for removed jobs that return to the queue - a workaround for a condor_schedd performance issue when handling a large number of jobs - a bug fix to prevent the condor_kbdd from crashing on Windows - a bug fix to correct the reporting of available disk on Windows * Wed Oct 01 2014 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.2.3-1 - support for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, including support for the standard universe * Thu Sep 11 2014 Tim Theisen <tim@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.3.1-1 - a variety of changes that reduce memory usage and improve performance - if cgroups are used to limit memory utilization, HTCondor sets both the memory and swap limits. * Wed Aug 27 2014 Carl Edquist <edquist@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.2.2-2.3 - Include config file for MASTER_NEW_BINARY_RESTART = PEACEFUL (SOFTWARE-850) * Tue Aug 26 2014 Carl Edquist <edquist@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.2.2-2.2 - Include peaceful_off patch (SOFTWARE-1307) * Mon Aug 25 2014 Carl Edquist <edquist@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.2.2-2.1 - Include condor_gt4540_aws patch for #4540 * Fri Aug 22 2014 Carl Edquist <edquist@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.2.2-2 - Strict pass-through with fixes from 8.2.2-1.1 * Thu Aug 21 2014 Carl Edquist <edquist@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.2.2-1.1 - Update to 8.2.2 with build fixes for non-UW builds * Mon Sep 09 2013 <edquist@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.1.2-0.3 - Include misc unpackaged files from 8.x.x * Sun Sep 08 2013 <edquist@cs.wisc.edu> - 8.1.2-0.1.unif - Packaging fixes to work with latest 8.1.2 source from master - Move condor.spec into git master-unified_rpm-branch - Apply patches to upstream branch and remove from rpm / spec - Always build man pages / remove references to include_man - Always include systemd sources for passthrough rebuilds of source rpms - Add macros to bundle external source tarballs with the source rpm to support offline builds with externals * Tue Aug 20 2013 Carl Edquist <edquist@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.9.6-8.unif.8 - Remove externals dependency from std-universe subpackage * Mon Aug 19 2013 Carl Edquist <edquist@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.9.6-8.unif.7 - Merge init script improvements from trunk - Have std_local_ref depend on senders,receivers instead of stub_gen - Carve out std universe files into separate subpackage - Move uw_build-specific non-std-universe files into externals subpackage - Condor_config changes for #3645 - Use 1 / %std_univ macros to control build type default - Support PROPER builds of std universe (ie, without UW_BUILD) - Use make jobserver when building glibc external instead of make -j2 - Move python requirement out of main condor package (#3704) - Move condor_config.local from /var/lib/condor/ to /etc/condor/ * Fri Jul 05 2013 Carl Edquist <edquist@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.9.6-8.unif.6 - Address build dependency issue seen with -j24 * Fri Jun 21 2013 Carl Edquist <edquist@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.9.6-8.unif.5 - Initial support for UW_BUILD * Tue Jun 18 2013 Carl Edquist <edquist@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.9.6-8.unif.4 - Remove service restart for upgrades * Tue Jun 11 2013 Carl Edquist <edquist@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.9.6-8.unif.2 - Add a parallel-setup sub-package for parallel universe configuration, namely setting up the host as a dedicated resource * Mon Jun 10 2013 Brian Lin <blin@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.8.8-2 - Init script improvements * Fri Jun 07 2013 Carl Edquist <edquist@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.9.6-8.unif.1 - Add in missing features from Fedora rpm - Reorganize to reduce the diff size between this and the Fedora rpm * Fri Jun 07 2013 Brian Lin <blin@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.9.6-8 - Remove glexec runtime dependency * Tue May 28 2013 Brian Lin <blin@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.9.6-7 - Mark /usr/share/osg/sysconfig/condor as non-config file * Thu May 23 2013 Brian Lin <blin@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.9.6-6 - Rebuild against fixed glite-ce-cream-client-api-c * Wed May 22 2013 Brian Lin <blin@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.9.6-5 - Enable plumage for x86{,_64} * Wed May 22 2013 Brian Lin <blin@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.9.6-4 - Enable cgroups for EL6 * Tue May 21 2013 Brian Lin <blin@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.9.6-3 - Building with blahp/cream * Tue May 21 2013 Brian Lin <blin@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.9.6-2 - Build without blahp/cream * Tue May 21 2013 Brian Lin <blin@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.9.6-1 - New version * Wed May 08 2013 Matyas Selmeci <matyas@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.8.8-1 - New version - Removed condor_glidein -- was removed upstream * Wed Feb 13 2013 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 7.8.6-3 - Renamed /etc/sysconfig/condor-lcmaps-env to /usr/share/osg/sysconfig/condor to match the new OSG method for handling daemon environment variables, which keeps non-replaceable settings out of /etc/sysonfig - Change settings in /usr/share/osg/sysconfig/condor to use the latest variable name LLGT_LIFT_PRIVILEGED_PROTECTION instead of LLGT4_NO_CHANGE_USER, eliminate obsolete variable LLGT_VOMS_DISABLE_CREDENTIAL_CHECK, and change the default debug level from 3 to 2. * Fri Dec 21 2012 Matyas Selmeci <matyas@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.8.6-2 - Patch to fix default BATCH_GAHP config value (#SOFTWARE-873) * Thu Oct 25 2012 Matyas Selmeci <matyas@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.8.6-1 - New version * Mon Oct 22 2012 Matyas Selmeci <matyas@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.8.5-1 - New version * Wed Sep 19 2012 Matyas Selmeci <matyas@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.8.4-1 - New version * Fri Sep 07 2012 Matyas Selmeci <matyas@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.8.3-1 - New version * Mon Aug 27 2012 Matyas Selmeci <matyas@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.8.2-2 - Add patch to fix unnecessary GSI callouts (condor_gt2104_pt2.patch in gittrac #2104) - Fixed BLClient location * Tue Aug 14 2012 Matyas Selmeci <matyas@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.8.2-1 - New version * Mon Jul 30 2012 Matyas Selmeci <matyas@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.8.1-7 - Put cream_gahp into separate subpackage * Mon Jul 16 2012 Matyas Selmeci <matyas@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.8.1-6 - Remove cream_el6.patch; change proper_cream.diff to work on both el5 and el6 instead. * Thu Jul 05 2012 Matyas Selmeci <matyas@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.8.1-5 - Bump to rebuild * Tue Jun 26 2012 Matyas Selmeci <matyas@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.8.1-4 - Add CREAM * Tue Jun 19 2012 Matyas Selmeci <matyas@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.8.1-3 - Add Provides lines for classads and classads-devel * Mon Jun 18 2012 Matyas Selmeci <matyas@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.8.1-2 - Add environment variables for interacting with lcmaps (condor-lcmaps-env) * Fri Jun 15 2012 Matyas Selmeci <matyas@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.8.1-1 - Version bump * Wed Jun 13 2012 Matyas Selmeci <matyas@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.8.0-3 - Fix wrong paths for shared libraries * Wed Jun 13 2012 Matyas Selmeci <matyas@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.8.0-2 - Build blahp * Thu May 31 2012 Matyas Selmeci <matyas@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.8.0-1 - Version bump - Updated condor_config.generic.patch - Removed glexec-patch.diff * Sun Apr 01 2012 Alain Roy <roy@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.6.6-4 - Backported patch from Condor 7.7 to fix glexec bugs - Enabled glexec * Fri Feb 10 2012 Derek Weitzel <dweitzel@cse.unl.edu> - 7.6.6-3 - Adding sticky bit to condor_root_switchboard * Wed Jan 18 2012 Derek Weitzel <dweitzel@cse.unl.edu> - 7.6.6-2 - Added support for rhel6 * Wed Jan 18 2012 Tim Cartwright <cat@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.6.6-1 - Updated to upstream tagged 7.6.6 release * Wed Jan 11 2012 Tim Cartwright <cat@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.6.4-1 - Simplified revision number * Tue Nov 29 2011 Derek Weitzel <dweitzel@cse.unl.edu> - 7.6.4-0.6.2 - Rebasing to 7.6.4 * Fri Oct 28 2011 Matyas Selmeci <matyas@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.6.2-0.6.3 - rebuilt * Mon Sep 12 2011 Matyas Selmeci <matyas@cs.wisc.edu> - 7.6.2-0.6.2 - Rev bump to rebuild with updated Globus libs * Thu Aug 11 2011 Derek Weitzel <dweitzel@cse.unl.edu> - 7.6.2-0.5.2 - Updated to upstream official 7.6.2 release * Thu Aug 04 2011 Derek Weitzel <dweitzel@cse.unl.edu> - 7.6.2-0.5.672537b1git.1 - Made LOCAL_DIR always point to /var/lib/condor rather than TILDE * Wed Jun 08 2011 <bbockelm@cse.unl.edu> - 7.7.0-0.5 - Start to break build products into conditionals for future EPEL5 support. - Begun integration of a systemd service file. * Tue Jun 07 2011 <matt@redhat> - 7.7.0-0.4 - Added tmpfiles.d/condor.conf (BZ711456) * Tue Jun 07 2011 <matt@redhat> - 7.7.0-0.3 - Fast forward to 7.7.0 pre-release at 1babb324 - Catch libdeltacloud 0.8 update * Fri May 20 2011 <matt@redhat> - 7.7.0-0.2 - Added GSI support, dependency on Globus * Fri May 13 2011 <matt@redhat> - 7.7.0-0.1 - Fast forward to 7.7.0 pre-release at 79952d6b - Introduced ec2_gahp - 79952d6b brings schema expectations inline with Cumin * Tue May 10 2011 <matt@redhat> - 7.6.1-0.1 - Upgrade to 7.6.0 release, pre-release of 7.6.1 at 5617a464 - Upstreamed patch: log_lock_run.patch - Introduced condor-classads to obsolete classads - Introduced condor-aviary, package of the aviary contrib - Introduced condor-deltacloud-gahp - Introduced condor-qmf, package of the mgmt/qmf contrib - Transitioned from LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE to LOCAL_CONFIG_DIR - Stopped building against gSOAP, - use aviary over birdbath and ec2_gahp (7.7.0) over amazon_gahp * Tue Feb 08 2011 Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng@lists.fedoraproject.org> - 7.5.5-2 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_15_Mass_Rebuild * Thu Jan 27 2011 <matt@redhat> - 7.5.5-1 - Rebase to 7.5.5 release - configure+imake -> cmake - Removed patches: - only_dynamic_unstripped.patch - gsoap-2.7.16-wsseapi.patch - gsoap-2.7.16-dom.patch - man pages are now built with source - quill is no longer present - condor_shared_port added - condor_power added - condor_credd added - classads now built from source * Thu Jan 13 2011 <matt@redhat> - 7.4.4-1 - Upgrade to 7.4.4 release - Upstreamed: stdsoap2.h.patch.patch * Mon Aug 23 2010 <matt@redhat> - 7.4.3-1 - Upgrade to 7.4.3 release - Upstreamed: dso_link_change * Fri Jun 11 2010 <matt@redhat> - 7.4.2-2 - Rebuild for classads DSO version change (1:0:0) - Updated stdsoap2.h.patch.patch for gsoap 2.7.16 - Added gsoap-2.7.16-wsseapi/dom.patch for gsoap 2.7.16 * Wed Apr 21 2010 <matt@redhat> - 7.4.2-1 - Upgrade to 7.4.2 release * Tue Jan 05 2010 <matt@redhat> - 7.4.1-1 - Upgrade to 7.4.1 release - Upstreamed: guess_version_from_release_dir, fix_platform_check - Security update (BZ549577) * Fri Dec 04 2009 <matt@redhat> - 7.4.0-1 - Upgrade to 7.4.0 release - Fixed POSTIN error (BZ540439) - Removed NOTICE.txt source, now provided by upstream - Removed no_rpmdb_query.patch, applied upstream - Removed no_basename.patch, applied upstream - Added only_dynamic_unstripped.patch to reduce build time - Added guess_version_from_release_dir.patch, for previous - Added fix_platform_check.patch - Use new --with-platform, to avoid modification of make_final_tarballs - Introduced vm-gahp package to hold libvirt deps * Fri Aug 28 2009 <matt@redhat> - 7.2.4-1 - Upgrade to 7.2.4 release - Removed gcc44_const.patch, accepted upstream - New log, lock, run locations (BZ502175) - Filtered innocuous semanage message * Fri Aug 21 2009 Tomas Mraz <tmraz@redhat.com> - 7.2.1-3 - rebuilt with new openssl * Fri Jul 24 2009 Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng@lists.fedoraproject.org> - 7.2.1-2 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_12_Mass_Rebuild * Wed Feb 25 2009 <matt@redhat> - 7.2.1-1 - Upgraded to 7.2.1 release - Pruned changes accepted upstream from condor_config.generic.patch - Removed Requires in favor of automatic dependencies on SONAMEs - Added no_rmpdb_query.patch to avoid rpm -q during a build * Tue Feb 24 2009 Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng@lists.fedoraproject.org> - 7.2.0-5 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_11_Mass_Rebuild * Thu Jan 15 2009 Tomas Mraz <tmraz@redhat.com> - 7.2.0-4 - rebuild with new openssl * Wed Jan 14 2009 <matt@redhat> - 7.2.0-3 - Fixed regression: initscript was on by default, now off again * Thu Jan 08 2009 <matt@redhat> - 7.2.0-2 - (Re)added CONDOR_DEVELOPERS=NONE to the default condor_config.local - Added missing Obsoletes for condor-static (thanks Michael Schwendt) * Wed Jan 07 2009 <matt@redhat> - 7.2.0-1 - Upgraded to 7.2.0 release - Removed -static package - Added Fedora specific buildid - Enabled KBDD, daemon to monitor X usage on systems with only USB devs - Updated install process * Wed Oct 08 2008 <matt@redhat> - 7.0.5-1 - Rebased on 7.0.5, security update * Wed Aug 06 2008 <mfarrellee@redhat> - 7.0.4-1 - Updated to 7.0.4 source - Stopped using condor_configure in install step * Tue Jun 10 2008 <mfarrellee@redhat> - 7.0.2-1 - Updated to 7.0.2 source - Updated config, specifically HOSTALLOW_WRITE, for Personal Condor setup - Added condor_config.generic * Mon Apr 07 2008 <mfarrellee@redhat> - 7.0.0-8 - Modified init script to be off by default, resolves bz441279 * Fri Apr 04 2008 <mfarrellee@redhat> - 7.0.0-7 - Updated to handle changes in gsoap dependency * Mon Feb 11 2008 <mfarrellee@redhat> - 7.0.0-6 - Added note about how to download the source - Added generate-tarball.sh script * Sun Feb 10 2008 <mfarrellee@redhat> - 7.0.0-5 - The gsoap package is compiled with --disable-namespaces, which means soap_set_namespaces is required after each soap_init. The gsoap_nonamespaces.patch handles this. * Fri Feb 08 2008 <mfarrellee@redhat> - 7.0.0-4 - Added patch to detect GCC 4.3.0 on F9 - Added patch to detect GLIBC 2.7.90 on F9 - Added BuildRequires: autoconf to allow for regeneration of configure script after GCC 4.3.0 detection and GLIBC 2.7.90 patches are applied - Condor + GCC 4.3.0 + -O2 results in an internal compiler error (BZ 432090), so -O2 is removed from optflags for the time being. Thanks to Mike Bonnet for the suggestion on how to filter -O2. * Tue Jan 22 2008 <mfarrellee@redhat> - 7.0.0-3 - Update to UW's really-final source for Condor 7.0.0 stable series release. It is based on the 72173 build with minor changes to the configure.ac related to the SRB external version. - In addition to removing externals from the UW tarball, the NTconfig directory was removed because it had not gone through IP audit. * Tue Jan 22 2008 <mfarrellee@redhat> - 7.0.0-2 - Update to UW's final source for Condor 7.0.0 stable series release * Thu Jan 10 2008 <mfarrellee@redhat> - 7.0.0-1 - Initial package of Condor's stable series under ASL 2.0 - is_clipped.patch replaced with --without-full-port option to configure - zlib_is_soft.patch removed, outdated by configure.ac changes - removed autoconf dependency needed for zlib_is_soft.patch * Tue Dec 04 2007 <mfarrellee@redhat> - 6.9.5-2 - SELinux was stopping useradd in pre because files specified root as the group owner for /var/lib/condor, fixed, much thanks to Phil Knirsch * Fri Nov 30 2007 <mfarrellee@redhat> - 6.9.5-1 - Fixed release tag - Added gSOAP support and packaged WSDL files * Thu Nov 29 2007 <mfarrellee@redhat> - 6.9.5-0.2 - Packaged LSB init script - Changed pre to not create the condor user's home directory, it is now a directory owned by the package * Thu Nov 29 2007 <mfarrellee@redhat> - 6.9.5-0.1 - Condor 6.9.5 release, the 7.0.0 stable series candidate - Removed x86_64_no_multilib-200711091700cvs.patch, merged upstream - Added patch to make zlib a soft requirement, which it should be - Disabled use of smp_mflags because of make dependency issues - Explicitly not packaging WSDL files until the SOAP APIs are available * Tue Nov 20 2007 <mfarrellee@redhat> - 6.9.5-0.3.200711091700cvs - Rebuild for repo inheritance update: dependencies are now pulled from RHEL 5 U1 before RH Application Stack * Thu Nov 15 2007 <mfarrellee@redhat> - 6.9.5-0.2.200711091700cvs - Added support for building on x86_64 without multilib packages - Made the install section more flexible, reduced need for make_final_tarballs to be updated * Fri Nov 09 2007 <mfarrellee@redhat> - 6.9.5-0.1.200711091700cvs - Working source with new ASL 2.0 license * Fri Nov 09 2007 <mfarrellee@redhat> - 6.9.5-0.1.200711091330cvs - Source is now stamped ASL 2.0, as of Nov 9 2007 1:30PM Central - Changed license to ASL 2.0 - Fixed find in prep to work if no files have bad permissions - Changed the name of the LICENSE file to match was is now release in the source tarball * Tue Nov 06 2007 <mfarrellee@redhat> - 6.9.5-0.1.rc - Added m4 dependency not in RHEL 5.1's base - Changed chmod a-x script to use find as more files appear to have improper execute bits set - Added ?dist to Release: - condor_privsep became condor_root_switchboard * Tue Sep 11 2007 <mfarrellee@redhat> - 6.9.5-0.3.20070907cvs - Instead of releasing libcondorapi.so, which is improperly created and poorly versioned, we release libcondorapi.a, which is apparently more widely used, in a -static package - Instead of installing the stripped tarball, the unstripped is now installed, which gives a nice debuginfo package - Found and fixed permissions problems on a number of src files, issue raised by rpmlint on the debuginfo package * Mon Sep 10 2007 <mfarrellee@redhat> - 6.9.5-0.2.20070907cvs - Updated pre section to create condor's home directory with adduser, and removed _var/lib/condor from files section - Added doc LICENSE.TXT to all files sections - Shortened lines longer than 80 characters in this spec (except the sed line) - Changed install section so untar'ing a release can handle fedora7 or fedora8 - Simplified the site.def and config file updates (sed + mv over mv + sed + rm) - Added a patch (fedora_rawhide_7.91-20070907cvs.patch) to support building on a fedora 7.91 (current Rawhide) release - Moved the examples from /usr/share/doc/condor... into builddir and just marked them as documentation - Added a number of dir directives to force all files to be listed, no implicit inclusion * Fri Sep 07 2007 <mfarrellee@redhat> - 6.9.5-0.1.20070907cvs - Initial release