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Information for build cvmfs-config-osg-1.2-0.2.osgup.el6

Package Namecvmfs-config-osg
SummaryCernVM File System OSG Configuration and Public Keys
DescriptionDefault configuration parameters and public keys for CernVM-FS, providing access to repositories under the cern.ch, egi.eu, and opensciencegrid.org domains
Built by(disabled) Dave Dykstra 508
State complete
StartedFri, 22 Jan 2016 14:16:52 CST
CompletedFri, 22 Jan 2016 14:20:48 CST
Taskbuild (osg-upcoming-el6, /svn/native/redhat/branches/upcoming/cvmfs-config-osg:22351)
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cvmfs-config-osg-1.2-0.2.osgup.el6.src.rpm (info) (download)
cvmfs-config-osg-1.2-0.2.osgup.el6.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
Changelog * Fri Jan 22 2016 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 1.2-0.2 - Move to osg-upcoming, and adjust configs a little. * Fri Jan 15 2016 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 1.2-0.1 - Testing build for cvmfs-2.2.0, including osgstorage.org configs. * Fri Oct 16 2015 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 1.1-8 - Instead of having egi.eu and opensciencegrid.org domain configurations, have a default configuration for any domain besides cern.ch that reads from the OSG stratum 1s and accepts any repositorIes that are found there and are verified by the opensciencegrid.org.pub key. * Tue Jul 28 2015 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 1.1-7 - Change patch of /etc/cvmfs/domain.d/egi.eu.conf to include the OSG public key as legitimate signer of egi.eu repositories, for the purpose of emergency blanking. * Fri May 22 2015 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 1.1-6 - Add specific versions on Obsoletes of cvmfs-keys and cvmfs-init-scripts, and add a Provides of a version, as was done to cvmfs-config-default upstream to follow Fedora packaging guidelines. Do likewise for oasis-config. Add Conflicts for cvmfs-config-default. * Fri Mar 27 2015 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 1.1-5 - add oasis.opensciencegrid.org.conf to set $OASIS_CERTIFICATES * Wed Mar 25 2015 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 1.1-4 - add patch to set egi and osg repo servers to only OSG stratum 1s * Wed Mar 25 2015 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 1.1-3 - add .osgup.el6 to release number * Wed Mar 25 2015 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 1.1-2 - bump release only to allow koji to rebuild; the first attempt failed because of a mysterious error in koji * Wed Mar 25 2015 Dave Dykstra <dwd@fnal.gov> - 1.1-1 - initial creation, based on cvmfs-config-default.spec